Ancelotti: “Kroos este un profesor, a urmat cursurile Universitatii Xabi Alonso”

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Invitat special la emisiunea “Al Primer Toque” de la Onda Cero, tehnicianul italian Carlo Ancelotti si-a laudat achizitiile verii, Toni Kroos si James Rodriguez. Antrenorul madrilen spune despre mijlocasul german transferat in aceasta vara de la Bayern Munchen ca este un profesor: “Xabi Alonso era intr-adevar un profesor. Acum, daca stau bine sa ma gandesc si Toni Kroos este tot un profesor. A urmat rapid cursurile Universitatii “Xabi Alonso”. Ma surprinde sa vad ca niciodata nu este ingrijorat, indiferent de presiune, Kroos ramane acelasi. Este foarte important pentru noi, o mare parte din jocul nostru trece pe la el. In plus, este inca foarte tanar, joaca foarte rapid, mereu paseaza corect, nu pierde mingi, ba chiar recupereaza mult…” a marturisit Ancelotti.

Omul care a adus La Decima la Madrid s-a saturat de comparatia Di Maria-James Rodriguez si il evidentiaza pe mijlocasul columbian adus in aceasta vara de la AS Monaco: “Il stiam foarte bine, il urmaream atent. M-a surprins foarte mult prin sacrificiul pe care il demonstreaza. James nu doar ca poate juca atacant, dar poate juca oriunde la mijlocul terenului, este un fotbalist de echilibru cu multa calitate. Este un jucator diferit de Angel di Maria. Trebuie sa te gandesti inainte, pentru a putea face o comparatie intre ei. Di Maria avea capacitatea de a rupe ritmul unui meci cu acea energie pe care o avea, dar de foarte multe ori pierdea controlul, pierdea multe mingi importante in momente importante” a adaugat tehnicianul lui Real Madrid.

  • MihaiR

    Dupa cate am observat, Carlo este invitat in foarte multe emisiuni in ultima vreme. Fie ele la radio sau tv , omul este o prezenta constanta . Bravo lui !
    Stiu ca a spus Kross ca nu doreste sa fie comparat cu “Profesorul” , dar cred ca e inevitabil pentru el sa nu fie pus in situatia asta.
    Pana la urma nu este un lucru deloc rau pentru el.

  • Alex

    Locker Room

    The Locker room of this team is very professional, representing the shirt comes with a big responsibility.

    The players and the fans are very motivated, I’ve never had to talk to a player face to face to motivate him.

    From training, to preparation, and recovery, the players are so dedicated, I don’t have a problem with them.

    The staff at this club are very focused and dedicated as well.


    To be a coach, you are always studying the game, because football is constantly changing and evolving.

    You can’t just think you’ll be a good coach, just because you were an ex-football player.

    Previous Coaching Roles

    At PSG, Motta helped me a lot, we had to change a mentality there, they weren’t used to competing and challenging for titles.

    One of the most professional players I’ve ever managed is Maldini, he never arrived a minute late to training.

    One of the toughest nights I had was trying to decide whether to start Inzagi or Kovacevic at Juve.

    I like Ibrahimovic more as a person than a player, he was born with that winning attitude, the same winning mentality as players like Pepe, CR7 and Sergio Ramos.

    Ibrahimovic had a few problems at Barcelona, but everywhere else, he was and has been fine.

    Toni Kroos

    Toni Kroos is a professor from the Xabi Alonso’s schooling.

    Kroos has surprised me greatly, he’s never worried, always calm.

    Kroos is so calm with the ball, always distributing accurate passes even under pressure, our game has improved with him in the side.

    The Modric-Kroos partnership is working very well, much of our plays run through Kroos.

    He’s a talented player, and one can always improve, but it’s hard to see, when he’s already playing at such an exceptional level.

    Germany is unlucky that they don’t have Modric, but they still have Khedira and Kroos in that midfield.

    If Kroos was injured, we have Illarra, Isco and Khedira who can all play there.

    Xabi and Di Maria

    I wasn’t worried when we lost Di Maria, because we had got Kroos to the team.

    Di Maria stole games with the energy level he played with, but at times, he would lose control of games.

    I haven’t seen Xabi at Bayern yet, but I’m sure I will eventually.

    I still keep in touch with Xabi, he sends me messages and calls, we have a great relationship.

    He left because he was looking for another opportunity to experience a new country and its culture.

    Coaching at Madrid and This Season So Far

    I already knew James as a football talent, but when he arrived, he surprised me more with his strength than his quality.

    I’ve never told a player he won’t play because someone else is better.

    A great team must have ideas when they have the ball, not just keep possession.

    Isco and James are at the same level.

    Last season, Isco wasn’t a starter, but he still started in two finals.

    I always remind Isco he’s a vital player to the team, I say it every day, and he acknowledges it, he understands.

    It’s not easy to tell a player he’s not starting when they are playing so well.

    Sometimes, I don’t see the need to make changes, because we are controlling the game. It’s easier to make changes later, because our subs will have a greater impact.

    Marcelo’s performances this season doesn’t surprise me, I always knew he could play at this level.

    Modric is a complete midfielder.

    Hierro helps me, we get along. He has a charisma & personality as Zidane and he’s highly respected in the locker room.

    We don’t do a lot of tactical work, there’s not enough time. It’s all via video, as it takes me 3 hours just to check one match.

    There are indications that Khedira might leave, but at the same time, he shows that he likes Madrid, so I’m not sure yet.

    Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player, he starts, and we’re up 1-0.

    I’m not surprised Ramos, Modric and Ronaldo won best defender, midfielder and attacker respectively.

    We are good now, and we will be comes April, we don’t talk about records.

    We won’t be signing new players in January, Jese is our new signing, he’s back next month.

    Jese will play against Cornella in the 2nd leg.

    I can guarantee we will compete for all the trophies available.

    After the defeat at Sociedad, we had a tough time, but we worked through that knowing we had to fix those problems quickly, and we did.

    When we have issues in the changing room, we talk to one another face to face.

    Florentino Perez

    He brought me here, so I’m going to help him.

    There are presidents who are fan of the club since they were young, like Berlusconi and Florentino.

    I talk to Florentino and explain things, he doesn’t call me to ask me about things.

    Berlusconi used to call me and ask why some players aren’t playing, Florentino never does that.


    The debate about the goalkeeping situation doesn’t exist in the dressing room.

    It’s one of the biggest issues I’ve had to talk about in the media.

    Keylor Navas will occasionally play in the team, because he deserves to and it’s a great motivation. Iker is in total agreement with that and he understands as well.

    Diego Lopez was dedicated to his work here, he didn’t listen to outsiders (media) and just kept focus. He came to me and talked about the Milan offer.


    Barcelona aren’t in as much trouble as people think.

    They are just going through a tough period that clubs go through when they have a new manager.

    I don’t think their problems are severe, as they have great quality.

    La Decima

    Winning the Decima last season has helped us this year.

    I think even if we didn’t win La Decima last year, I would’ve continued on here this season.

    I don’t like bullfighting, but I did see Ramos bullfighting in Lisbon (laughs).

    There is no talks about La Undecima like there was about La Decima. La Decima was a great motivation for us to fulfil.

    Champions? I’ve never won back to back Champions League, but we will definitely compete for it again this season.

    The Media

    I like Madrid, the atmosphere, the club, and the players…Media? (Laughs)

    For the media, everything is black or white, sometimes, that doesn’t help.

    I’m not sure if the media always help Madrid, last October(2013), it didn’t.

    The press is fine when the Bernabeu helps the team, but when they whistle, the press makes sure no one forgets it.


    I consider myself a man of luck, I’ve managed at some of the best teams in the world.

    I’m not going to punish a player for using his phone on the bench, there’s nothing to learn from it, a player should already have the intelligence to decide on matters like that.

    I had lunch with Del Bosque and Hierro, we spoke about Morata and some other players. It’s hard for Spanish players, there are so many great players from this country.

    Pogba is a player with great potential, he’s consistently putting up good performances.

    Occasionally, I pass Cibeles, and I remind myself, we must come again.

    I would exclude myself from the FIFA Best Coaches list, for me, it’s between Simeone, Low and Emery.

    Regarding Zidane, he’s completing his course in France, so if he can coach there, why not in Spain? I don’t get it.

    If the club is happy, I will renew my contract.

  • psycho

    pentru suporterul psycho alonso mai poate fi exemplu doar fotbalistic.plecarea intempestiva dar totusi acceptata de club pentru OBRAZ la un rival europeran de top,la insistentele unui antrenor nu tocmai fair-play in trecutul lui cu noi(chiar dusman declarat),pe final de cariera cand putea ramane aici fara nicio problema…putea alege o plecare mai mult decat onorabila si cu car alegoric la scara….a preferat prostitutia la batranete.
    respect xabi but FUCK YOU TOO !!!

  • ILFeNoMeNo10(Silviu)

    Dpmdv Kroos are mai multe calitati decat Xabi dar bascul avea acel ceva care la ajutat enorm in cariera.

  • Doru Iulian

    Kroos, piesa de jucator! 🙂

  • soso

    kroos – un jucator incredibil, pe care mi l-am dorit de foarte mult timp… cand in iarna trecuta se vorbea ca intra in ultimul an de contract in vara si ca ar putea pleca la man. utd ma gandeam ca ar fi o prostie sa nu il luam, mai ales ca nici pretul nu era unul mare; impreuna cu modric sunt incredibili la mijloc.
    am citit comentariul lui Alex si, am vazut ca iar s-a discutat despre perioada de dupa sociedad: de fiecare data imi aduc aminte ca aveam atunci emotii mari ca se va intampla ca si cu mourinho in ultimul an: dupa titlu, am inceput mai slab sezonul, si acolo s-a facut ruptura… ma gandeam ca si acum, dupa ce am luat La Decima, Copa, Supercupa Europei, am inceput mai slab, am pierdut Supercupa Spaniei, ma gandeam ca iar se va produce o ruptura, ca fanii isi vor pierde rabdarea si vor incepe sa protesteze… dar se pare ca nu a fost asa, si ma bucur.

    off topic: va felicit inca o data pentru cum arata site-ul, si va multumesc pentru varianta mobil, care arata si ea, incredibil de bine, si este si mai stabila decat inainte.
    Va multumesc!

    Hala MADRID!!!

  • psycho
    • psycho

      mi-era dor de Capitan.


    un fotbalau la doar atatia ani cat in aceasta tara se mai spune ca esti o tanara speranta .
    are o marja de crestere extraordinara si mie frica sa imi imaginez ce fotbalau va fi peste 4-6 ani . REAL MADRID A FACUT UNUL DIN TRANSFERURILE CELE MAI UTILE DIN ULTIMI 25 ANI . DOAR SA IL PASTRAM SI SA PUNEM LANGA EL CE TREBUIE . ATAT .

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